A Message from Heather

Here are all of the very legit reasons Heather wants you to stretch.

flux CrossFit Stretching- A variety of poses to stretch out the shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, forearms, back, glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings and calves...depending on the workouts of the week. We will also stretch out the fascia (that can shrink wrap the body if you don't practice your full range of motion) with a variety of poses to open to side, back and front body. A few longer holds to safely strengthen and stretch tendons and ligaments to enhance flexibility and prevent injury. Throw in a few balancing poses to strengthen and stretch smaller muscles inside the body to promote balance and focus.

Why stretching will improve and enhance your flux CrossFit performance:

1. Stretching enhances your mobility, allowing you to perform better and harder during your WOD.
example: when your hips are more flexible- you can do more squats because your muscles don't tighten up and slow you down.

2. Stretching decreases the muscular tension and prevents muscle fatigue.
example: a good stretching session will melt away muscular tension and tightness - allowing you to work out more often and build strength faster.

3.Stretching makes your muscles longer and leaner, puts muscles and bones back into proper alignment and improves your entire range of motion.
example: you will look taller, your posture will improve and your body will move with ease and grace.

Some tips:
Be patient with your flexibility, just as it takes years to build functional strength, it takes practice to improve your stretching.
As long as you feel a stretch inside your body- you are benefiting from the class.
Don't overdo it- the last thing you want to do is overstretch a muscle, tendon or ligament- ouch!
We are all made differently- and look different in poses- stretching is not a competition.
Instead of looking around the room, focus on your breath and body awareness.