Paleo Challenge # 2

Ok folks!
We have a lot of work to do. Charity, Ariane and I are sitting here drinking wine and plotting about flux's world domination!

We only have 9 weeks until Ido arrives. How is the paleo going?

The Second Paleo Challenge begins Saturday, July 24. There will be prizes. The winners will be based on your performance of Helen as well as achieving your 5 hspu and 10 sec handstand hold. There are scaled versions of these prescribed goals. For instance, you can pick two bands and work towards your respective goals.

We will do Helen next week and then again at the end of the Paleo Challenge. We will do Helen again the week of Sept 7 - 11.

There are prizes! First place will be a pass to one of Ido's workshops. There will also be an award for the best flux CrossFit spirit, which will consist of a copy of Robb Wolf's new book as well as a gift certificate to Nature's Best.