Day 2 of the flux CrossFit Relay Race

Day Two of the flux CrossFit relay race took place under a hot sun. Tempers flared when the clock malfunctioned and the first runners had to do their 400 meter run over. The top team was Three's Company (Gwn, Glen and Darci) for the 400 meter race 5:04. This means that Philip and his Ladies are still in first place.

Ad Hoc (Joey, Brent, Joanne) killed the sandbag run, coming in at 2:53. The Death Racers hold onto their first place standing in the sandbag run.

Pierre and the Campbell Twins (Beth, Naiomi, Ariane) and Leonard's Angels (Rebecca, Betty Jane, Leonard) were shut out but not without giving it their all!

Remember all the races have to be finished by Wednesday. There are at least two teams (Joan, Joey, Charity and Tony, Leona and Verne) running on Wednesday at 6:30pm. If others want to plan on coming then to race let me know.