flux CrossFit Kids featured on CBC today and in CrossFit Kids Journal March Issue


I opened my March issue of the CrossFit Kids Journal today and well ... there we are!

Coach Darci and I submitted an article on the new partnership between flux CrossFit and the Scott Collegiate/ IMP Labs Hip Hop Project along with some of our outdoor winter pics.

And for those of you who know anything about the project, you know that we've been focusing on the connections between arts and athleticism through hip hop and specifically, breakdancing. CBC was in to flux CrossFit to interview the Scott students on what it means to have flux included into the hip hop project. The story will be broadcast this afternoon on CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition between 4 and 6pm (probably closer to 5:40pm)!

flux CrossFit Kids Coach

Aurora, Eugene, Kyle, and John warming up on box jumps

Brendan learning how to deadlift - he's got absolutely awesome form!

Ashley learning how to do a proper handstand with Coach Darci and Keena spotting.

And in the 2 pics below Rebecca is learning how to do a handstand with Beth and Summer spotting and Keena is learning how to deadlift!