400m Relay and 200M Sandbag Run

Hello flux folks!

It is time for another challenge!

This time it is a team effort. Given that we are all itchin' to get outside and run wild we are going to have two running challenges. Here is how it works.

First, the 400m relay. Each team will have 3 people on it and each athlete must run 400m. It is each team's responsibility to name themselves. Each team will be divided into three categories and there must be one athlete in each of the three categories. The categories are as follows: the the galloper, the canter and the trotter. At the beginning of the running season (this weekend) we will be running 400 meters to decide each athlete's placement. We will have designated workouts to practice our 400 meter run but teams are welcome to practice on their own as well.

The 200m sandbag run. Same idea, same team. Each athlete must run 200m with a sandbag. Weight of sandbags to be determined.

The date of the event is still to be determined.

Sign up on the whiteboard in the gym.