flux CrossFit is Growing

As most of you already know, flux CrossFit has seen some improvements in the past month.

New equipment arrived in December, including two new concept 2 rowing machines, 10 new olympic barbells, 15 new sets of bumper plates, new medicine balls, technique bars, 11 pairs of snowshoes, 8 pulling harnesses, 5 new sets of rings and 20 skipping ropes. Still to come are 8 pulling/pushing sleds custom made by our resident welder Tawny.

This growth means that flux CrossFit must also start charging GST on monthly memberships. The $90.00 unlimited will now be $94.50/month.

I want to thank everyone for making 2009 such a fulfilling year.

flux CrossFit is its athletes. And you have created a warm and supportive environment for everyone.