Exciting News - olympic lifting class

Sage Burgener - 2006 USA National Jr Weightlifting Champs
Snatches 57kg (126lbs) and 61kg (134lbs)
Clean and jerks 65kg (143lbs) and 72kg (159lbs)

Starting November 16 at 6pm we will have a weekly olympic lifting class. This will be a regularly scheduled event every Monday at 6pm. This means our regular 6pm class will be moved to 7pm.

Some of you have probably seen Shaun Kauffmann at flux CrossFit practicing the olympic lifts. Shaun is an excellent coach with a lot of experience with the oly lifts (bio to come soon). He is a humble guy with some serious skill. Have you seen this guy get under the bar? It is ridiculously fast.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending. There will be a very small fee and space is limited. We are asking for a serious commitment for those who decide they want to take their olympic lifts to the next level. The lifts are highly technical and require dedication from the athlete.