The Saskatchewan CrossFit Challenge


The time has finally come to put the fittest of Saskatchewan to the test in the Saskatchewan CrossFit Challenge (SCFC).  The SCFC will be held in Saskatoon at CrossFit Saskatoon on October 03, 2009.  It will be full day of workouts testing fitness levels of CrossFitters from all across Saskatchewan. 

The goal of the SCFC is to have Saskatchewan CrossFitters gather and compete in the sport we love (CrossFit), in a positive and welcoming atmosphere.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete at the CrossFit Games or other competitive event, then this is your chance to put your skills to the test.  The workouts will put all elite CrossFitters to the test, but will also be scaled to allow the beginner CrossFitter to challenge their skills as well.  Just like CrossFit, this challenge is for everyone.  There will be four workouts throughout the day which will be completed by all level 1 athletes, three of the four workouts will be considered scaled level 2 and 3 workouts.  Everyone will be guaranteed 3 workouts in the day and the final workout will be for all the top level 1 athletes to determine the top challenge winners.

Elite CrossFitters will all be considered Level 1 and must be able to complete all CrossFit movements without scaling.  Level 2 athletes are those that have been CrossFitting for a while and have the ability to do most movements with small amounts of scaling - typically anyone who has been dong CrossFit for 6-12 months will fit in this category.  Level 3 athletes will be considered those who are new to CrossFit and are still learning the movements and are still progressing in leaps and bounds during the daily WOD's.

The challenge will have individual prizes in each of the three categories (level 1, 2, and 3).  There will also be a spirit of CrossFit award, and a top affiliate award, which will be judged based on affiliate attendance, community pride, and athletes performance in WOD's.  So not only are the athletes put to the test but the spectators and the spirit of your club will be as well.

The entry fee is $50, which will be reduced to $40 if you register early (until the end of day Sep 14th).  Your entry fee will include a spot in the competition and a SCFC t-shirt.  To register please i) go to, ii) click on Class Schedule, iii) go to the Workshops tab and iv) register in the workshop titled "Saskatchewan CrossFit Challenge Competitors".  If you are a member of CrossFit Saskatoon, payment will be handled via your auto-pay.  If you are not a member of CrossFit Saskatoon, payment will be via Paypal at  Payment must be received at time of registration.  We would like everyone to sign up as soon as possible to allow us to organize for the day properly, as we are unsure of how many people to expect.

The day will end in a social event that will be open to all (location to be determined).

To ensure that the event is a success we are asking all Saskatchewan's CrossFitters to compete, volunteer or come as a spectator and cheer on your affiliate so we can all share this special day together.  Feel free to bring friends or family to cheer you on and see how great CrossFit is!  CrossFit is all about community growth as well as personal growth, let's push CrossFit's community growth Saskatchewan wide with the CFSC.  We hope that this event will become an annual event and we look forward to future growth.

We are excited to challenge Saskatchewan CrossFitters in an attempt to grow a larger, stronger, and fitter community province wide.

All questions or concerns can be sent to

We hope to see you soon,

Chad and Ian