Friday, Oct. 2 and Saturday, Oct. 3 class schedule

This weekend is the Saskatchewan CrossFit Challenge. This means that a lot of folks will be heading down to compete or to cheer.  It also means the schedule will be changed slightly.

The following schedule will be in effect for this Friday and Saturday.

Friday, Oct. 2nd
6-7am W.O.D.
7-8am W.O.D.
8-9am W.O.D.
12-1pm W.O.D.
6:15-7pm W.O.D.

7-8pm Stretching with Fran

***No classes at 4 or 5:15 on Friday. Note the 6pm will begin at 6:15pm.***

Saturday, Oct. 3rd
9-10am W.O.D.
10-11am W.O.D.

***No flux CrossFit Kids class on Saturday***