W.O.D. from Dublin

Last night I flew over to Dublin to do a bit of extra work and to visit Darci's mom Shannyn (she lives in Dublin and co-owns an alternative health clinic). So this morning I completed my W.O.D. on Shannyn's balcony overlooking the grounds of Castleknock Community College which also have a whole lot of cows in the pasture. No chickens in the yard, but cows (black and white) - pretty cool.

The workout consisted of 3 rounds 100 squats and 30 push-ups. Easy to manage on the balcony. I feel good but stiff from the plane, jet-lag, and sleeping in a couple of new beds. All is good though.

I head back to Liverpool this evening for the last couple of days of the conference and tomorrow's rowing workout - yikes!

I heard about the box jump ladder - I'm so jealous - and I look forward to working out on Saturday at the 9am class and running flux CrossFit Kids at 10am.

Charity is over and out!