Coaching Mentorship Program: Aaron

Did you know that Flux student Aaron is working towards becoming Coach Aaron? 

Aaron started the Flux Coaching Mentorship program in October and has been learning under Principal Darci and the other Flux teachers for multiple hours each week for almost one month. 

He is in Winnipeg this weekend to attend a CrossFit Level 1 certification.  

Good luck Aaron! 


Flux Parkour Grand Opening weekend

Flux School of Human Movement is excited to host internationally renown, top Parkour athlete and coach, Ryan Ford, founder of APEX Movement.

The Flux Parkour Grand Opening weekend starts on Thursday evening with a ParkourEDU Masterclass (details below).
Please join us at our Grand Opening Event on Friday evening from 7pm to 9pm. Hear Ryan talk about his Parkour journey and stay for an Open House, reception, DJs and more!
A second ParkourEDU Masterclass will be held on Saturday afternoon (details below).

What is ParkourEDU Masterclass?

An action-packed, introduction to the fundamental movements and concepts of the ParkourEDU method.

April 28, 6-8:00pm, $49 — Ryan, Jefe, & Jake Masterclass, split into 3 groups: Kids (8-12), Teens (13-17), & Adults (18+)

April 30 12-2:00pm, $49 — Ryan, Jefe, & Jake Masterclass, split into 3 groups: Kids (8-12), Teens (13-17), & Adults (18+)

All levels of ability are welcome.

Learn how to:
► Improve bodyweight strength & mobility
► Move quadrupedally
► Prevent falling related injuries
► Balance the body & mind
► Master jumping & landing mechanics
► Use vaults to navigate low obstacles
► Ascend & descend high obstacles
► Dominate obstacle courses
► Play, flow, explore, & improvise
► And much more

Led by:
► Ryan Ford — @ryandemonford
Pro parkour athlete/coach since 2006
Author of Parkour Strength Training
Founder of APEX Movement
Co-founder of ParkourEDU

Refund/cancellation policy:
Once you have completed all aspects of registration, including payment, there are no refunds. If you cannot attend, you can either transfer your spot to another person or you may opt for credit toward a future seminar.

Shoulder prehab/rehab

Hi there,
I will be offering a workshop on shoulder rehab/prehab work.  This will be free to all members. If you have trouble kicking up into a handstand without using your head, your chin up or pull up is not improving, or you display poor ROM with pain then this is for you! We will work on activation and stabilization for the scapular region. We will also discuss pain management and anti-inflammatory protocols. I will also give you movement drills that you can do at home. 

I will announce the date in the next couple of days.