Sustenance and Sustainability - A Hunter's Journey

Flux CrossFit - School of Human Movement is proud to present Mr. Philip Brass of the Peepeekisis First Nation as the second speaker in our Entangled Animal Speaker's Series. Mr. Brass will be speaking on the topic of "Sustenance and Sustainability - A Hunter's Journey". Mr. Brass believes that the practice and topic of Hunting is a real lynch pin that connects many important issues such as GMO's, climate/habitat change, food security as well as spirituality/religion. In this talk, Mr. Brass will provide his history as a hunter, as well as the politics of hunting in relation to his experience. Mr. Brass will also speak to the practicalities and challenges of hunting.

This talk will take place at Flux CrossFit - School of Human Movement, 3424 13th Avenue on Sunday, January 26 at 2:30 pm. This event is FREE but we will be accepting donations for the Non-Profit organization - People For Animals. 

The Entangled Animal Speaker's Series was created by Principal Coach and Owner of Flux CrossFit - School of Human Movement, Darci Anderson, as a way for people to critically engage with and ask questions on topics related to food, health and ecology. Our first guest speaker was Dr. Shannon Hayes, author of Long Way on a Little and The Radical Homemaker's Guide.

Important - Talk on Insulin

Flux will be holding a talk on INSULIN SATURDAY, November 3 at 2:45 pm. This talk will be held at our 13 th avenue location.

BE THERE! Sarah Kozusko will be giving the lecture. Sarah is a pharmacist of a different breed! Rather than dispense pills, she would rather assist you in living a healthier and more robust life that doesn't include medication.

Sarah educates people on diabetes and she would like to help you understand how insulin affects, among other things, WEIGHT GAIN.  This is an important opportunity that you need to take advantage of.

Many of you have complained that you are putting the time in at the gym and yet you are still not losing stubborn belly fat.  Chances are some simple changes to your diet would do the trick.

Coach Darci