Heal Your Gut Challenge

One of the classic characters bred by american culture of the past century and a half is the health fanantic, the man who (in Twain's phraseology) eats what he doesn't want, drinks what he doesn't like, and does what he'd druther not, all the while smugly announcing himself to be energetic, joyful, and certain of long life, and exorting his errant neighbour to reform. 

- Samuel Clemens, Following the Equator, two vols. New York, 1906, 2:151.

The Flux Retrospective on Food

Way back in the day....about 8 years ago, I was introduced to the work of Rob Wolf, one of the original gurus and proponents of the paleo diet. Around that same time, I came to read Dr. Weston A. Price's seminal book Physical and Nutritional Information (1946).  Rob Wolf was and still is all about the evils of gluten. Weston A. Price, on the other hand, taking a more anthropological perspective in his studies of cultures all around the world, did not so much as vilify gluten as he did compare our contemporary industrialized diet with the diet of so called primitive cultures.

Hey You Low Carbers! Nourish Your Microbiome!

Hey Folks!
Our Heal Your Gut Challenge will be starting very soon - September 15 to be exact. 

I recently starting discussing butyrate - a short chain fatty acid that is a byproduct of the fermentation that occurs in a healthy and happy gut. We would do ourselves some good to enjoy a diet that is high in fermentable fibre.  Fermentable fibre is that which evades digestion in the upper gut and then FERMENTS in the gut (provided that microbiota is PRESENT).   Folks on a low carb diet may not be getting the fermentable fibre that they need for a healthy microbiome.  Read all about this problem below and why a gut high in acid is beneficial.