Understanding Cholesterol - Dr. Cate Shanahan

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 Dr. Cate Shanahan is a board certified Family Physician. She trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced in Hawaii for ten years where she studied ethnobotany and her healthiest patient’s culinary habits.

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Here is a timed outline of the podcast.

 2:21 – How a medical doctor became an advocate for truth in food and medicine
4:47 – Dr. Cate’s lightbulb moment about fats
5:43 – Why polyunsaturated fat are the fats you should avoid
7:29 – How saturated fat and cholesterol became public enemy number one
10:33 – Was smoking — not high-fat diets — the reason for increased heart attacks?
11:36 – How Ancel Keys skewed his research and screwed our health
14:30 – Why you should google “the cholesterol myth”
15:24 – Who benefits from cholesterol-reducing drugs?
16:38 – The truth about LDL cholesterol
18:05 – Why women don’t need cholesterol drugs
18:58 – Is the cholesterol cut-off score relevant?
20:16 – What cholesterol numbers should we be looking at?
21:49 – Have we been looking at the wrong numbers?
22:22 – Is LDL “all bad”?
23:27 – Why your diet is a better indicator of heart disease risk
26:04 – Does particle size matter?
27:55 – Do cholesterol drugs affect brain function?
29:50 – Do cholesterol drugs cause dementia?
33:01 – The importance of co-enzyme Q10
36:20 – Is breast cancer a side effect of cholesterol drugs?
38:00 – Do statin drugs cause digestive problems?
39:45 – Statin drugs – big pharma’s cash cow
41:10 – Medical doctor’s “paid for performance” system
43:00 – Are doctors brain storming ways to get you to take more drugs?
45:05 – Why is cholesterol in our arteries in the first place?
46:16 – Why does cholesterol build up?
47:55 – How do you know if your arteries are bad?
49:00 – The day-to-day variance in cholesterol scores
50:27 – Is Kobe drinking bone broth?
51:55 – Check out Dr. Cate’s website!
52:00 – Wrapping up.

Understanding Cholersterol

Many of you often have cholesterol on your mind. Here are a couple of articles that actually define cholesterol.

Mark Sisson: "It all boils down to inflammation. Inflammation is the number one factor in heart disease. This is an accepted fact now, but it still gets little attention and no real prevention or treatment. Think about it: you have your cholesterol levels checked every five years or more if your profile is “problematic.” When do you have biomarkers for inflammation checked? Unless you’ve had a heart attack or been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, probably never."

Dr. Schauss: “Cholesterol has been implicated in heart disease, but it’s a misnomer to call it a marker for heart disease – actually, it’s not. When we start looking at reliable research, we find that cholesterol is NOT definitively linked to heart disease". “Of course, we do see people with high levels of cholesterol having a propensity for heart attack, but it’s not from the cholesterol itself but from the blockages that it can cause in the arteries as a result of other factors such as inflammation.

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