Age, Will and the Drive to Movement

We have a very strong contingent of folks at Flux who are around 60 years old, give or take a few years. I like to refer to them as the Flux Vanguard in that they are important culture makers at Flux. They inspire others and even more than that, this contingent of colourful folks shape the collective will of Flux. It would be disengenious to suggest that watching them in action is anything but inspiring. Through their singular and collective drive, they radically alter the collective narrative of aging and what that narrative looks and feels like. They prove that playtime is for all. 

Why All This Gut Talk? PART I

"In the summer of 2008, a 26-year-old man from Shanxi Province walked into a lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and 23 weeks later walked out 113 pounds lighter. He had not participated in a clinical trial of some new secret weight loss pill, or signed up for a punishing Biggest Loser-style exercise program, nor had he been fussed over by behavioral scientists who made his plates and drinking cups smaller with each passing week. The researchers, who were microbiologists, had simply put the man’s gut microbes on a diet.

Chris Kresser - Could a Leaky Gut Be Making You Fat?

For the next several weeks I will be posting articles on all things gut related as a way to prepare for our next challenge on GUT HEALTH.  Read below about leaky gut and why that might be contributing to pesky belly fat. Note that once again, leaky gut is related to INFLAMMATION.  In fact, we could have just as easily called our next challenge the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY CHALLENGE. 

As always, I encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions - just make sure your opinion is an informed one!