Disposable Experiences

I have always had an aversion to gimmicks - the kind of material stuff and experiences that create an illusion of fulfillment for about half a second, only to be discarded or barely registered by the mind and body.

One of the principle tenets of our Movement School is to value effort and process. We take this to simply mean that there is joy in the physical and mental effort as much as there is in the actual attainment of a particular goal. This can be taken even further. We could say that the outcome doesn’t really matter at all; we are doing something for the fun of it! To be fully engaged in the moment - in your heart and mind - is a rare and precious feeling.

I think one of the most limiting factors of a traditional “exercise” or “fitness” model is the tendency to bracket off ‘training time’ from the rest of our everyday. If we give pause to this way of thinking we realize how artificial it truly is. Our bodies cannot be casually placed on a coat hook at the end of a training session, only to be donned again the next day. If only it was that easy! Asking ourselves how we navigate our everyday can generate profound and yet simple questions. How do I feel in my body in the moment? How do I look upon myself as I navigate relationships and objects?

Our kid’s classes are no different. The physical set up of our kid’s classes is always done in such a way that our young critters must actively get involved in creating their fun. When mats, vaults, or bars are required in the class, the students communicate and collaborate with each other in order to arrange the equipment. This tradition isn’t simply about instilling a ‘work ethic’ in the kids. It is about dissolving the borders between active and passive or play versus work. It is about having some ‘skin in the game',’ rather than passively expecting to be entertained and relying on others for pleasure. Take a look at the video below of a few of our Flux critters hard at play!